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A Brave New World

And it all began with Pong. While that’s not exactly a lie, it isn’t exactly the truth, either. Pong was the first game to be available in the home; it was the start of the home gaming phenomenon, but it was not the first computerized game. Pong was introduced in the 1970s and it revolutionized the way we play. Certainly, it is to be said that the advances in technology are really to be credited for the advancement of gaming, but it was the ingenuity of the creators of Pong in using this technology for amusement that created gaming as we know it in the first place. Especially, the idea of the home gaming console.

This is what ‘gaming’ might be if it weren’t for technology.

However, the gaming industry has come a long way, in a short while, since Pong. While there are only really a handful of game play styles (rpg, fps, etc), there are an innumerable amount of games possible. The same phenomenon occurs with literature; there are only so many genres but the number of books possible is endless. This is, in the video game world, due to different types of animation and graphic styles, different play styles, but mostly – notably the same as literature – different narratives. I don’t care how different the play style is, if a game comes out with the exact same plot and characters as another game, it will fail.

And so, we must begin our analysis somewhere. To start, I’ve chosen one of my favorite childhood games, Final Fantasy IX.


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